Current Project

Swim Cap Sculpture

Be a part of the connection.

Contribute a swim cap of your team, school, club or self to the arts. I am seeking several hundred caps or more to construct a large, outdoor sculpture.

What will it look like?

I have no idea. The first step in my process is to collect objects of aesthetic or cultural significance. Once amassed, the objects are experimented with to develop a visual and conceptual relationship. As more and more of the same objects connect, the final form is realized. Check out my gallery to see final pieces.

When will it be done?

I am aiming to have a completed piece by the end June 2014, hopefully sooner.

Where will it go?

At first it will live in my studio and backyard. Eventually I hope to exhibit it in a public space. I completed my first public piece last year and am itching to do another.

Why swim caps?

I love the shape, different colors and weather-proof qualities. The inherent connection to people—swimmers and others—is critical to how the final sculpture with relate to viewers. Other projects in this series include pieces made of running shoe laces and race numbers.

Why can’t I just buy them?

First of all, the cost is prohibitive. Secondly, I believe it is important that the caps come from swimmers all around the country. Swimming is a very isolating activity; thus, we seek masters groups, coaches, partners, anyone to add camaraderie and competition.

Where do you send them?

Laura Allen
968 Park Ridge Drive
Crozet VA 22932

Thanks! Check back over the Summer to see images of how the piece is progressing!